Jorie Livingston

Jorie is a dear friend of mine that I have known my entire life.  She has always been in great shape and recently asked if I would be interested in doing a fitness photoshoot for her.  I happily obliged.

Before the shoot day we went over some sample images to determine a game plan and get a feel for how we wanted the final images to look.  With both of us on the same page, I went ahead and planned the lighting for our shoot.  I was aiming to create a look with a soft feel, but had enough edge to contour and define the muscles.  

Once we got into the studio everything went seamlessly smooth.  Hair and makeup did a great job and all of the lighting setups went according to plan.  We started shooting using daylight then moved on to strobes.  We were getting such great images that we started improvising and ended up lying on the floor shooting underneath big white V-flats that were set on top of apple boxes to bounce the window light back at her.  It was a great experience, the images turned out fantastic, and I am super happy that she is ecstatic with the final result.  Thank you for such a great shoot Jorie!