I love being a photographer. Its an obsession.  I spend all of my free time researching the greats or planning my next project.  I am constantly trying to further educate myself on the subject, and because of that my work is always evolving. 

I live in Chicago and graduated from Columbia with a degree in photography. After graduation I immediately started working as a freelance retoucher.  I believe this is the most important aspect of my career to date.  It allowed me to work with some amazing photographers and simultaneously gave me an opportunity to dissect and inspect great images.  The images I was working on were so far superior to mine that it discouraged me from producing my own.  It was only in time that I began to see this as a challenge.  Retouching gave me the ability to look at my images objectively and correct the elements that I disliked. 

Now I am happy I have the opportunity to create everyday.  This is only some of my story, I would love an opportunity to learn yours as well.  Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries, bookings or general questions.